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Lauren Kingsland has been making quilts professionally since 1988. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and shows and is in public and private collections throughout the country. She is dedicated to quiltmaking as a medium for storytelling, for building community and for healing and wellness. She is a visiting artist with the Arts and Humanities program of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C.


Let me help you put the beauty of quilts into your life. Many of my art quilts are for sale. You may commission a unique quilt of your own, or learn to create your own quilt from my books and lessons.  Please enjoy the quilts pictured here and be inspired.  Thanks for your support.

Lauren has New Work for you to enjoy! Check it out now>

Healing Journey - An Art Quilt exhibit
Show Dates: Through the month of October 2013

Atrium Gallery, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Georgetown Unversity Hospital

3800 Reservoir Road, Washington, D.C. 20007


Listen to a conversation about this Healing Journey exhibit between Lauren and Brother Ah, recorded on his Evening Jazz program on WPFW FM 89.3 October 14, 2013.  Lauren's interview begins around 8 p.m.


These quilts were inspired by the stories from patients, caregivers and staff I have encountered during my work as a visiting artist at Lombardi CCC with the Arts & Humanities program. They are about transformation, courage, creativity and hope.

Lauren on Quilts and Being Well - We say, "putting the pieces together" as a way of understanding how things are and how they can be, whether making a quilt or in other aspects of life. Quilts can be a therapy to make or to give or to receive.

View the Voice of America interview with Lauren and other artists at Lombardi Cancer Center about using the Arts, including quiltmaking, dance and painting as a tool for stress management and reducing burn-out among nurses.



Visitors to her studio in the historic Sandy Spring Museum can observe first-hand how quilts are made today. See how this traditional craft is an example of a dynamic present moving ahead while rooted in the best of the past. This charming local museum is a focal point for a community activities all year long. Group studio visits and private consultations are available with Lauren by appointment. For directions...

The quilt studio will be open during the Resident Artisans Open House on the First Satruday of each month at the Sandy Spring Museum. All studio are open 11 - 3 and feature demonstrations, refreshments and a chance to meet the artists. Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7, 2013.


Her popular book, "The Extraordinary T-shirt Quilt - A Scrapbook You Can Sleep Under"  is a clear, practical guide to creating this contemporary style of memory quilt. The book grew out of the experience of making T-shirt quilt commissions for clients as graduation gifts, or in honor of someone or something special. Order a quilt...

On designing from recycled garments - "The T-shirt quilt tells the story of the person who collected the shirts. Each one I make is an original, just like that person."

Lauren offers lectures and workshops on her work and techniques for guilds, retreats, conferences and civic groups. For more information about scheduling see Workshops & Lectures.




"Love Notes - kolam quilt" - This quilt is a melding of my series of improvizational pieced scrap quilts with the Kolam Quilts Series...

While traveling in southern India in 2008 I was enchanted by the continuous line drawings I saw on the ground everywhere, the kolam. This women?s meditative tradition has become the focus of a continuing series of art quilts. I use Mother of Pearl buttons as the reference dots integral to the designs and an appliqued bias strip for the line itself. My friend Shanthi Chandrasekar and I have exhibited our kolam based work together. According to her Indian grandmother, the kolam represents that we have challenges in our life (the dots) and can skillfully create a beautiful design around them (the line).


Lauren Kingsland's Work Featured in:
The Baltimore Sun,
August 2011. Read More »

"Symmetry and reflection speak to our fundamental yearning for balance and order in ourselves and in the world. Kingsland's quilts explore the beauty of this balance through the Indian Kolam tradition and the magic of peeking into a kaleidoscope."


© Lauren Kingsland: Quiltmaker, Artist, Teacher, Author • Artist-in-residence at the Sandy Spring Museum• 17901 Bentley Road, at Rte 108 • Sandy Spring, MD 20860

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