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Workshops & Lectures


Lauren is available to speak and conduct workshops on a number of quilt-related topics. Please contact her at about booking and contract arrangements.


A thoughtfully designed hands-on project can complement the retreat experience for nurses, church groups, quilters, or any group seeking to build community, explore "putting the pieces together", or de-stress through the creative process.  Lauren will work with you to create the custom hands-on component for your next workplace or spiritual retreat. From $350

Informal and engaging lectures feature lots of show and tell quilt examples as illustrations. Most are 45-50 minutes long, and can be tailored to your group. $200

Hands on workshops for quilt groups based on lecture topics are available as half day or whole day experiences. Hand outs and experienced instruction for all levels of skill. From $350

Popular Topics Include:

Design Your Day: The Kolam Quilt — Be inspired by this South Indian contemplative design tradition traditionally drawn on the ground each morning in rice flour. Extensive show & tell of Lauren's quilts based on these designs is the creative starting point. Workshop goes on to teach how to create your own kolam quilt wallhanging.

Visual Medicine -Quilts in the Healing and Healthcare Environment Based on years of expoerience as a visiting artist, Lauren shares her insight into how quilts can be tools for healing. Workshop teaches a variety of small projects suitable for use in a healthcare setting.

Color that Cooks— Explore ways colors interact when combining fabrics. In the workshop Lauren offers a series of "recipes" to explore various properties of color. Select 2 for a half day - 4 or 5 for a full day workshop.

On Balance - Symmetry in Quiltmaking — A look at kaleidoscope design, the kolam, Celtic knots, and examples of symmetry in modern quilts. In the workshop we will explore design and construction techniques for achieving symmetry as students create their own wallhanging.

The Extraordinary T-shirt Quilt — The Scrapbook You Can Sleep Under Based on Lauren’s book, the lecture demonstrates how to turn laundry into legacy. Learn to design a quilt that goes beyond same-size blocks ready to show off the T-shirts. The workshop allows participants to try the special sewing tricks that make construction with stretchy fabrics easy.

Making a Group Quilt — Planning ahead is the secret to making successful quilts that include the participation of many people, whether it is a family gathering or community effort. Lecture only.

Log Cabin Improvisation Workshop— This liberating workshop is about playing at the sewing machine while exploring color principles. Everyone is a success in this fun and relaxing class.  All skill levels.

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